Meet Our Body-Shapes

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Here at Trippy Tuesday, we aim to normalise the bodies which we feel are the least represented in the mainstream media and art world. From fat bodies to androgynous bodies, we take inspiration from real people and real stories to create what we do.

In our collection, we currently have 6 body-shapes:
Galerina, Pholiotina, Mycena, Plutonia, Anomala and Conocybe 


As one of our original body shapes, Galerina has been with us on this journey of body-normativity right from the start!
We originally made Galerina to make a more realistic version of the 'Venus' inspired bodies we saw circulating on Instagram.


Pholiotina was our first step towards showcasing bigger bodies, with bigger boobs and a belly to represent the body shapes we often see shamed in the media and beauty industries,.


Mycena is another figure we brought out in October after our first original body shapes. With Mycena we wanted to take a more realistic approach to our bodies, highlighting how we often have two different size boobs! 


We've been obsessed with our Plutonia body shape ever since we released them back in October. We realised after a little while of having our candles, being 'body-positive' wasn't enough. We wanted to actively promote fat liberation and so... Plutonia was born!


Conocybe was an important figure for us to do. While all of the candles we released so far had boobs and a vagina, we wanted to create a candle that didn't have boobs and had a penis instead. We know that body acceptance is a journey for many people, no matter your sex or gender, so we wanted to broaden our body shapes to include people that have these features!


Anomala is our most recent body shape release. It was such a joy to work on as we collaborated with one of our followers, Noir, who won our giveaway back in January of 2021. We worked for many months with Noir, having her help us imagine, model and design this body with us... and we think it's one of our favourites to date. We love how androgynous Anomala is, and the fact that it is lying down allows you to really see the body in a different way.
All of our body shapes are the same price, no matter their size or amount of wax it takes to create them.